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Physical Therapy

Do It Better Today offers a comprehensive approach to physical therapy. Our team leverages cutting-edge techniques and unwavering care to empower you to Do It Better Today!

Scott VanKampen headshot

Scott VanKampen

Scott is Founder and CEO of Do it Better. Over the years, having worked in hospitals, private clinics, skilled nursing, and even a prison clinic, he has developed the desire to help people improve, both in what they love to do and need to do, each and every day.

As a Fellow in Applied Functional Science, Scott is a movement specialist. He’s also a student of nerve and visceral manipulation offered by the Barral Institute. Continuing education is important to Scott. It helps ensure that any treatment plan developed will help you Do It Better.

Do It Better Tillamook is where home and heart lie with both Scott and his wife Brenna. The desire of Scott and Do It Better is to examine every aspect of your life to see where and how you can move and do life better starting today.

Scott VanKampen RPT, FAFS

Danielle Nightshade - Physical Therapist

Danielle Nightshade

Danielle has been a physical therapist for over 20 years working exclusively in Tillamook County since obtaining her Master’s degree from St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa. Prior to joining the team at Do It Better, she provided physical therapy services to people of all ages with a wide variety of conditions including disorders of the vestibular system causing vertigo and imbalance.

When facing surgical reconstruction or joint replacement, trust matters. Danielle’s experience in post-operative rehabilitation provides the support and expertise you need to navigate this crucial stage. She guides you through pain management, regaining strength and mobility, and rediscovering the confidence to move freely again. With compassion and care, Danielle ensures your journey from surgery to recovery is as smooth and empowered as possible.